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The Mount Hebron Story 

Founded on September 26, 1927, The Historic Mount Hebron Church continues to stand as a spiritual pillar in the Coppin Heights Community of West Baltimore.
We were first organized in the home of our founder, Rev. Marshall Flowers and his wife, Hattie on North Arlington Ave. In April 1928, our church moved to the North Poppleton Street location and in April 1933, moved to Pierce Street, where growth continued to happen. Not too soon after in October 1936 there was another move, this time to West Saratoga Street, where our church became incorporated. By 1939 Mount Hebron was composed of seven Deacons, three Trustees and three auxiliaries. This caused another move, one that would be the final move for Rev. Flowers as he transitioned into eternity in 1941. Prior to his passing he positioned Rev. James Matthews as his successor. Rev. Matthews was officially elected as pastor in 1942.
Under the leadership of Rev. Matthews Mount Hebron made tremendous progress. More auxiliaries and choirs were organized and connections to the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. and the United Baptist Missionary Convention of Maryland were formed. Because of this great increase and added responsibilities, Rev. Paris S. Thompson was elected Assistant pastor to Rev. Matthews in November 1962. After Rev. Matthews’ transition to eternity, Rev. Thompson was elected pastor in 1968. With Rev. Thompson there was great emphasis on Bible Study, administration and congregational care. His leadership led to the composition of our current location, 2651 West North Avenue. We entered into this sacred space on March 15, 1975. Not too soon after, Rev. Thompson asked Rev. Bruce Johnson to assist him as Rev. Thompson had become ill. After the passing of Rev. Thompson in 1988, Rev. Johnson was elected the fourth pastor of Mount Hebron in 1989. Expansion commenced with the purchase of a church van, and the youth and young adult ministry became the central focus. Rev. Johnson transition into eternity in 1992.
In 1994, Rev. Walter W. Brown, Jr. was elected as the fifth pastor. Rev. Brown elevated us; auxiliaries were renamed ministries, there was emphasis on outreach and a youth culture became a stable part of the life of the church. Rev. Brown served until 2002. In 2004 Rev. Gary Swilling was called as our sixth pastor.  With Rev. Swilling the emphasis was Bible Study, especially for our seniors. Under his leadership we were able to pay off a debt ahead of schedule. Rev. Swilling served until 2009. Rev. Leonard Ballentine served as interim pastor from 2011 – 2014 where he upheld pastoral responsibilities and worked to keep the church unified in the time of transition.
In December 2014 Rev. Dr. Beryl M. Whipple was called as our eighth pastor, a time of new beginnings.
With six locations, eight pastors and a myriad of milestones, this is just part of our story and we thank God the best parts have not yet been written.
So the churches were strengthened in the faith and increased in number daily.
Acts 16:5
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